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Equator and Live 10.0.2

A new version of Live came out today.  The first thing I did was to load up my Live set configured with Equator and 16 midi tracks to get full MPE on my Mac with my Seaboard Block.  This worked very well on 10.0.1, but now Equator is not working very well.  Presets are loading incorrectly, or not at all.  I can reload a preset to get things to work some of the time.  It looks like there is at least some problem loading samples, but there may be other issues.  Reverting to the previous version of Live fixes all of my problems.

Wondering what other peoples experiences are.  I didn't file a bug report with Roli because it does seem to be related to the new version of Live.

Mac Pro 3.33 Ghz 6 core Xeon, 32 G ram, OS 10.12.6
Push 2
Novation Impulse
iConnectAudio 2+, iConnectMidi 4+
Live 10 Sweet

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 I dug into this further.  Ableton is saying that there is a bug in some AU plugins in Live 10.0.2 that will be fixed in the next release.  I confirmed this by testing Equator VST version and it runs as expected.

For me there is the same problem. Every time I load the patch it’s different, sometimes it works, sometimes it sounds bad and reacts strangely to seaboard input, and sometimes it’s just silent. I also have a feeling that it just eats up my CPU. Sometimes just one voice eats 30-50% of cpu.

Hi arhitek, this doesn't sound normal. If you've updated to Ableton Live 10.0.3, have set things up according to the instructions at and continue to experience this, please feel free to get in touch with our support team for more specific help.

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