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Please include Studio Drums AND purchased Noise packs in Roli Studio Player!!

I love Roli and the amazing sounds you have!

I am trying out the beta Roli Studio Player and wow! another winner!

Here are my 2 big feature requests:

I would love to access all my purchased Noise Sound packs which currently is only possible on an iOS device. I would love to use them in Roli Studio Player in my DAW

I think this would add to the value of Roli Studio Player in a huge way.

Also the inclusion of Roli Studio Drums into the Studio Player would complete this all-in-one Roli solution!

I hope that you will consider these options as for me i cannot incorporate the great Noise sound packs i already own in my music. Thank you again for these inspirational wonders!

Regards Neil McGrath

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Yeah, I second that. I've seen that now many of the Noise sounds and packs are available in macOS as well via the Roli Connect. However, I cannot find the SWAN content, meaning the Bass Quartet and Treble Quartet, which is a bummer. Is this some sort of contractual issue or whatever? I hope these come soon to macOS. I'd be paying for the extra content that SWAN offers in the Roli store if all were available on macOS as well.

My 2c. 


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