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Doesn't turn off my seaboard block

My seaboard doesn't turn off completely, it is always with lights on blinking red and the color of battery, it is like if would've plugged to something, I guess this shouldn't happen.
So my problem is that never turns off completely.

Any help would be awesome! thanks!

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I am also having this same problem. Is there a way to update the firmware?

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I also cannot turn off my Seaboard Block.. running latest firmware.. factory reset etc.. we need a simple option in the software to power the unit off so we do not wear out the battery prematurely. 

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mee too ! help please

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I also have this problem. I shot it down, and 2 sec after it turns itself on again. I can't travel with it at all, cause it's always gonna be out of battery because of this issue.

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Try resetting.

have u solved the problem ?

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