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Equator for ios

I love Equator. For performances, I would love to have a full version of equator on my ipad pro on stage, so i don‘t have to use a notebook, Since the ipad is so powerful, it would be lovely to have it running on iOS.

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Does equator not work on iPad ???
No. There is no app on my iOS Appstore.
Noise and Seaboard 5D are both players for Equator patches, including (among the Noise IAP packs) many fantastic ones that aren't available for Equator on desktop. But you're stuck with the presets provided or purchased; it would be great even just to have an iOS Equator player that could play our own patches created in desktop Equator. And some of the Noise-only patches like the Floatation pack are an absolute masterclass in MPE sound design that cry out to be accessible in full Equator view.

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Totally agree! +1
Come on Roli

+1 please

Hell yes!!! 

Yes please roli make an effort and go for a full version of equator in ipad os.
would be so nice!

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