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Lightpad Sequencer (expandable via additional light pads)

What I want is a sequencer, similar to how the Akai Fire works for FL Studio (and also works for Live with a script by isotonikstudios). 

The Akai Fire has fixed pads arranged 4 x 16. The 4 horizontal rows correspond to a drum (note) in the DAW, and the 16 columns correspond to a note event over time (4/4,  4 bars). 

If applied to Lightpads, each block could contain the same 4x4 layout available  in Drum Pad mode, but would be expandable horizontally (so using 4 Lighpads would create the same 4 x 16 pad layout found on the Akai Fire). 

This would be an amazing tool to have work in any DAW and it would provide another level of usability/flexibility to the Lightpads. 

I have a Push 2 controller for Live,  but a 4 x 16 pad layout would be a lovely addition to my workflow (and a great excuse to pick up more of the Roli Lightpads). 


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I would agree. I’d like to be able to have a sequencer across four Lightpads (I have 4) or a new larger format lightpad that’s the same as 4 Lightpads wide and two Lightpads tall. Like in this post.

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