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I designed a bigger Lightpad Block

(The drawings and notes that I will be referring to in this post are attached)



This Idea is the result of me buying the Ableton Push 2 and being subsequently disappointed after finding out that Bitwig is a superior DAW for the ROLI and my workflow. I  own a RISE 49 and I love it, but I have been frustrated with the clumsiness of using it in Ableton. Recently, I discovered Bitwig and boy do I love it. So here I am having owned a Push 2 for three days only to discover Ableton is not for my setup. I'm going to sell the Push 2 and was thinking of buying four Lightpad Block Ms in order to still have drum pads with awesome features when paired with Bitwig. To make a long story shorter, I don't want to buy four Lightpad Ms if ROLI has a larger LIghtpad in the works. If they don't I wanted to present my idea and see if there is enough demand to make it happen.

I wanted to create something that would:

  • Integrate with ROLI's modular product lineOffer more features than just four lightpad blocks put together
  • Have a scalable pad resolution (See FIG. 3 and 4)
  • Be more enticing to a home studio producer as opposed to a mobile producer

More Explanation:

FIG. 1 shows the dimensions of the Lightpad MAX (concept name) as well as the LED grid. I made the LED grid 32 X 32 because putting putting four Lightpads together makes a 30 X 30 LED GRID, and I wanted this to be 8in x 8in while retaining nearly the same LED density. Also, the 32 X 32 grid allows for the user to scale between a 64 pad grid and a 16 pad grid without seams/gaps between pads (FIG. 3 and 4).  It makes more sense to have seams on the odd number pad grids like 5 X 5 and 3 X 3 because fewer programs fully integrate those configs. I also put my fingers in FIG. 4 to have size reference for the pads in each config.

How do you tell the pads apart, you say? Well, just allow the user to choose a checkerboard scheme, randomize the color of the pads with no two pads sharing the same color, or make a beautiful gradient.

In FIG. 2 I put question marks where the DNA connectors would be because while designing I didn't consider that ROLI would likely want a product like this to integrate with their "Modular Music Studio," but it makes a lot of sense and this is still a company after all: they need to make money. 

Things I would like to see if/when ROLI makes a product similar to this:

  • DAW integration that takes advantage of all those LEDS (More faders, UIs etc.)
  • Priced between $500-700. 

That's honestly all I can think of for now because I am one producer who has one workflow and everything else I wanted I included in the design or described earlier. Although, uses and features I didn't know I needed or wanted would be awesome! ;)

What do you guys think? What features did I miss that you want to see in a bigger LightPad? Is there even a demand for such a thing? Remember this isn't just a big. expensive drumpad, it's an instrument!

ROLI: Do you have anything like this in the works? Can you say? Should I buy four lightpad blocks, or should I hold out? Let me know. Also, let me know if you want to hire me for ideas; I have a lot of ideas.

TLDR: I designed a bigger Lightpad Block

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