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Midi CC mapping for all! SEABOARD

It would be amazing to see an option in the future for individual cc mapping on all of the 5 dimensions of movement/expression. For non MPE gear. 

When using the Seaboard as a midi keyboard for external gear. 

Having the option in Dashboard - to midi map all the expressions to effect cc parameters of a synth for example. 

Think about the possibilities!

Would be one of a kind.. 


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yes it is indispensable to have midi mapping for using roli studio player with a breath controller like an ewi for instance

CC74- Slide

Pitch Bend - Glide

Aftertouch - Press

Note sure but my note on and note off seem to be working Strike and Lift.

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Love to comment on Google it.

not sure what the above comments are getting at but maybe it was misunderstood.

the reason for my original post was pointing to - being able to assign different cc's other than slide.

all hardware have different midi cc values for different parameters.

hence - being able to assign 5 different parameters would be incredible.  

any hardware synth "I have used" with roli seaboard behaves oddly. (so far)

if Roli were to focus some time creating these options in the dashboard, it would be a great use of energy

I would think :) The Seaboard could become an incredible midi controller. 

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