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My wireless "Wireless" BLUETOOTH for Windows solution.

This is obviously a expensive solution that won't work for everyone but for me I am glad it is possible. If you have a Ipad or Iphone, which many of us ROLI users do, there is a program called StudioMux that allows you to send MIDI data over the lightning cable to PC. If you open up a instance of a Bluetooth compatible program inside StudioMux and connect your ROLI Blocks inside that instance,  StudioMux will recognize them as separate MIDI inputs. I have done this with both GeoShred and Patterning 2  inside StudioMux to control VST instruments in Bitwig using multiple Blocks with zero lag (which killed the other solutions for me).

So you still need a to have your Ipad connected to the PC, so obviously this isn't truly a wireless solution, but for me it is way better than having to run 3 seperate USB cords to connect my blocks.

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