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Pro Tools integration

Any upcoming plans to work with Avid on an RTAS version of Equator so that I can use my Seaboard RISE in Pro Tools?  Glad I can use it with my Ableton set up, but it would be really nice to be able to use in ProTools (which like it or not is an industry standard DAW) along with all my other industry standard plugins (Native Instruments, UAD, SoundToys, Ozone, etc, etc - which are available in multiple plugin formats for ALL DAWs).

I find Strobe2 to be overly complicated to navigate and lacking in sounds, and therefore I don't use it as a workaround because it negates having all the features, sounds and ease of use of Equator.

Anyway, big fan of my Seaboard and Equator.  Just wish I could use it more.


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Second this ^^ Really annoying to have to track Roli in Ableton and bounce back to Pro Tools, but I guess this is more a bone to pick with Avid??

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