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XYZ Pad - Map Aftertouch to CC 0

The following script maps CC 0 to channel aftertouch. This is intended for users of keyboards such as the Yamaha MODX or the Roland System 8 that do not transmit aftertouch.

In practice, I find the best user experience is to select the Z axis only set to CC 0, for a response that approximates a keyboard.  

This under-utilises the capabilities of the Lightpad Block somewhat, but further refinements can be made through scaling to utilise the X/Y axis at the same time as aftertouch.

These points and others are covered in the following thread

Many thanks to Frank Gerlach

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Yay, great move! You're welcome, Steve.

Just to be clear, this tweak to the XYZ Pad app does not really map CC 0 to aftertouch. Rather, if you set the Z-Axis CC parameter to be 0, this setting is now used to tell the Lightpad to spit out channel aftertouch instead of CC 0 messages for the z-axis. No CC 0 message is being harmed (generated and remapped) on the way ;)

Known caveats:

The change in behavior is in no way reflected in the app's Dashboard UI (yet). It's more like a secret handshake only an initiated user can know. Plus, you're losing the possibility to send CC 0 with Z axis press right now, which doesn't seem to be a huge sacrifice but can be avoided. Also, the same 0 setting on the other two axes still means proper CC 0, so the Dashboard UI is inconsistent with this version.

I really hope this little endeavour has got you hooked to dabble around some more, Steve :)


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