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Axyz Gems

Hi people,

I created script for ROLI Lightpad Blocks that works wonderfull for U-He Hive and U-He Zebra2 (because they both have 4 XY pages), but works for any mappable control in your DAW.

It allows 5 XY pages to be accessed at once. Also high-resolution MIDI is supported.

Here it can be downloaded:

Enjoy! 

Wow. This is incredible. Really great work. 5 simultaneous XYZ pads, 15 simultaneous controllers and well implemented. The possibilities with Bitwig's MIDI modulator are amazing:


Thank you!

Hi Joris, Not sure what is going on for me, but on Windows 10, I'm getting the following...

fails to load - error reason reported was

"Line 7, Column1: Found "<" when expecting a global variable or function"

Hi Joris - I replaced line 7 with "/*", but then I get Line 948, colum73: Found "<" when expecting a global variable or function ...(unable to change my original post as awaiting approval)... This is within V0.20 of BLOCKS Code on W10... Complete beginner with BLOCKS Code here, so not sure what is going on....

(V1.3 downloaded today from GitHub)


I myself am on Mac, but I booted in Windows and checked.

- Installed ROLI Dashboard

- Installed Axys Gems script (v1.3 from github)

and... I found everything to operate here as expected!

Could you send me the actual Axyz Gems.littlefoot file you have put in your  Documents/ROLI/Littlefoot folder? Please mail it to, I will have a look what's up...

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Hi Joris - I've downloaded V1.6 & everything is working fine.

I'm sorry, but this was entirely my fault...

Today I selected the "Clone Or Download button", whereas I had previously right clicked the .littlefoot file and downloaded it directly. This added <!DOCTYPE html> inside the code, along with other html relating to GitHub.

Sorry to waste your time on this silly error of mine...

I have both Hive & Zebra, so this is sure to be a wonderful Lightpad App for me - thanks for your continuing work on this. - Steve

Ah, Steve, that is good to hear. And thatnk you for explaining me how your error came to be, I think other will have done the same, I'll give the Installation section in the README some attention on the matter.

Glad you like it!

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