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Cypher 2 tooltip glitch

Hi guys, the tooltips in Cypher 2 are annoying me to death, because when I change a parameter, the tooltip appears. That's fine. But I cannot move the mouse elsewhere as long the tooltip is shown, so I have to wait for it to disappear. Very uncomfortable and nagging.

Besides that: Is it possible to deactivate the tooltips? I don't need them at all.



(my system: Ableton Live 9.7, macOS 10.12.6)

Hi Marco, it isn't currently possible to disable the tooltips, but I'll pass this feedback on to the team to see if a toggle option can be added.

The issues you're experiencing with cursor behaviour when tooltips appear isn't something we've seen previously - please feel free to create a new support ticket with a video or .gif demonstrating this behaviour, and we'll be happy to look into it.

Hi guys, thanks a lot for getting back. Here's a short vid:

Not sure if the video really transports the "feel" of the handling. Everytime I change a parameter I instantly move the mouse but the cursor only moves when the tooltip is gone. Furthermore when changing faders the cursor isn't following the position of the fader, which you can nicely see in the video. Both happens in Studio One (4.1) as well as Ableton Live (9.7) on macOS 10.12.6. Didn't test any other DAWs yet.

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