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Cypher2 released

Hi everyone,

We're pleased to announce the first update to Cypher, v2.4.9.0, which addresses a number of issues, most notably fixing a memory leak. 

As well as bug fixes, we've also included 22 brand new synth brass presets, featuring some classic and familiar sounds from the '80s!

Resolved issues in v2.4.9.0 are as follows:

  • Cancelling a text box on Windows would lead to undesired behavior
  • "B" audio-path routing of voices would not work correctly above 8 voices polyphony
  • Memory leak when loading presets
  • Session restore bug affecting Pro Tools
  • Oscillator Sync behavior on certain settings – sync sweeps will now sound audibly smoother
  • Audio glitch bug in the Dirty Delay FX on low time settings
  • Undesirable mouse scroll wheel behaviour on Gate Source selection menus
  • Tooltips would appear excessively large and blink more than necessary

New features as of v2.4.9.0:

  • 22 new 2D Synth Brass presets
  • Improved compatibility with legacy (Cypher v1) presets
  • Added the option to disable oversampling (intended for people working at 88k or higher DAW project sample rate)

To update, please head to your FXpansion account at and download the latest version of Cypher2. 

Enjoy, and please feel free to let us know your thoughts!