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Doesn't work 5D mode in Cypher2 DEMO.


I'm trying Cypher2 DEMO.

Seaboard Rise and Block work fine as 2D (MIDI), but don't  work as 5D (MPE). 

In Equator, work fine as 5d mode.

How can I try Cypher2 in 5D ?

the best.

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Hi there,

Please ensure you've selected the "5D" icon at the top of the browser, which ensures that all MIDI CC mappings for 5D controllers are enabled. Once you've done this, ensure you're loading 5D presets by selecting "MPE Factory" under the Library tab.

Here's a screenshot to demonstrate:


If you're still experiencing issues, please ensure your RISE and BLOCKS devices are sending data on the correct MIDI settings using MPE mode. Here's an article on how to use ROLI Dashboard to ensure your devices are set up correctly.

Please don't hesitate to 
open a new support ticket if you're still experiencing issues.

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