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Quick access to Dashboard modes from host

I would love to see an option in Dashboard to view modes list as a floating pane, which can be viewed over host program. Since I frequently change modes for different VI’s, this would facilitate my work flow significantly.

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I second this idea and was just coming here to create a new post!  For live performance, it would be super helpful to either have a floating pane, or - even more convenient for live performance where I need to switch modes depending on whether I'm using Equator or a different VST softsynth - the ability to Dashboard to be configured as a controller so that it can receive MIDI Program Change or CCs.

Example: I'm performing and within Ableton Live I have a series of dummy clips that I could fire off - sending CCs to Dashboard in order to pick a new Mode!

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Yes this feature is an absolute must. I'm quite surprised it doesn't exist already as the vast majority of midi controllers already allow for the switching of banks/channels.

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