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Roli BLE connection to Windows

Hi, I have sent the same request to customer support, but maybe asking this is more appropriate in this forum, as I m sure other people may be in the same situation. A friend made me discover a seaboard rise, and I was totally blown away by the experience this instrument is giving. I was enthusiastic, and ready to purchase one, because I was looking for a new way to play live with a keyboard, freely on stage. Freely was a key point that I thought was solved, thru the BLE connection. Unfortunately, I realized it was not supported on Windows?? I as really, really disappointed... It seems other keyboards can connect thru BLE to Windows, so I suppose it is just a matter of time to have it on the ROLI products? When will it be available? My friend told me he had read there were technical diffficulties. Would it be possible to have details? (If there is a strong Windows limitation, I am sure I could find a community ready to develop a sort of arduino based BLE bridge to midi/USB if the BLE spec can be shared) As long as there is the wired USB connection to Windows, I am stopped in my purchase will. So I hope you will anwer to my questions/requests soon! In all case, keep up the good work, you really have created a new instrument experience! Thx a lot in advance, Kind regards, Sylvain

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Merging this topic with an existing feature request for MIDI-over-Bluetooth support on Windows.