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WIndows 10 April Update Support

I understand Microsoft made some updates/fixes to Bluetooth in the April update that was recently released.

Does this address past compatibility issues with Blocks so us WIndows 10 (Surface Book) users can cut that USB cord soon?...

Thanks & Keep up the great work,


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Hi Tom, 

A previous update to Windows 10 introduced MIDI-over-Bluetooth support, although in our testing it hasn't yet proven to be robust enough to handle the MIDI data of BLOCKS and Seaboards. We'll continue testing, though, and do whatever is possible on our end. 



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It would be great!!

If you'd like to use a workaround to get limited performance via MIDI-over-Bluetooth on Windows, you might be interested in checking out this creator video:

Hi all again, Could de have some info on the exact protocol used? Is it the standard BLE-midi? And if so I suppose a device like this would make it? Thx
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