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Assign specific MIDI notes to LightPad pads, as already possible with colors

I need to be able to map each pad on my LightPad to a specific MIDI note. It can be done with colors, can we allow it for MIDI notes too?

That way I can pick specific percussion instruments from my kit and arrange to my liking on my LightPad. Right now, it seems that I can only assign sequential MIDI notes to the pads, resulting in random arrangements that are very annoying to play.

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Been wondering about the same thing. Wanted to do it in coding (Littlefoot) but it’s more convoluted than expected. The 3x3 setup in the Play app is interesting. Using a pentatonic scale. Would like to use big pads like that with arbitrary note patterns. Some third-party plugins can reassign MIDI notes. But it’d be much nicer if ROLI offered first-party support.

I agree, Drum Block and ideally Note Grid's Drum page should have this possibility.

For now, if you use Dashboard, you can try the Control Grid program. It allows for individual note number assignment as well as the possibility to enable/disable pressure messages per pad, which is nice for EzDrummer which uses channel pressure to mute cymbals. There are 25 assignments for a 5x5 grid. Grids with fewer pads will use the first n assignments, eg the 3x3 grid uses assignments for pads 1-9.

Alas, there's a visual issue in that when you hit a pad all other pads will dim so much that they can be barely visible, as reported here:

(the forum's Insert Link feature doesn't work for me, so I had to just copy/paste the URL... hope this works)

Otherwise Control  Grid works pretty well for me using EzDrummer. It's just not ideal that I have to switch the Lightpad program via Dashboard whenever I want to finger drum on the Lightpad block and again when I am (temporarily) done with drums.

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Hey, Markus Breyer...

I agree with you...I need to do the same and I don't know how...

If it's possible change with colours, why not with notes???Change notes will be perfect...

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