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Controller Script for Seaboard Block in Bitwig Studio 2.4+


just thought I post it here too:

I modified the Seaboard Rise script for Bitwig Studio to better fit the Seaboard Block.

Find it here:

I only tested it with Beta 2 of BWS 2.4 on Windows 8.1 x64 where it works great.

You may also be interested in this topic on KVR about using MPE with hardware synths in Bitwig:



will this script possibly work in 2.3.5? I ask cause the one supplied in the Bitwig install is broken for ROLI/Seboard RISE. It does receive modulation (CC# 1) to the track.

Thank you,


I didn't try it with 2.3.5, but just try it and see what happens...

It's mostly the same script as the Rise one that's included with BWS but with autodetection (at least on Windows, other OS' sometimes show other names for the USB devices).



O thanks. I did try it and it didn't solve my problem. 

Repository is not available. Such a pity

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