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Setup Seaboard for Omnisphere


I spent a couple of days trying to find the best way to play with the Seaboard Rise with Omnisphere. I understood a couple of things I can share with the community.

The best way to interact with Omnisphere is using Modulation. Modulation can be set up in the system section by associating Omnisphere internal modulation source names with MIDI controllers.

First, I created 2 modes for Omnisphere in ROLI Dashboard :

- one name SC_Omnishere for Single Channel configuration, useful when setting up songs in single channel mode

- one name MC_Omnishere for Multi channel configuration, useful when playing in multi channel mode

This is very important because you will need to regularly swith beetween these modes as you are setting up patches or playing in Multi mode.

The rise provides 11 controllers : Strike,Lift,Glide,Slide,Press,Touch Faders #1-#3, Pad X/Y. Omnisphere only provides one parameter for User CC. To control all theses 11 parameter, the Seabord shall be  mapped, in Omnisphere system section or in the Roli Dashboard for Control input.


In each profile, I set set Pitch bend range to 24 as Omnisphere cannot process a range of 48. 

Do not forget to set up this value in the Omnisphere main section for each part, and the to lock the pitch bend range in the lock menu (this has to be done everytime Omnisphere is started :-( ) 


Here is personal  setup for the controllers, duplicated in these 2 profiles : 

-  Strike : Note ON velocity : already available :-)

-  Lift : Note OFF velocity : not processed by Omnisphere :-(

-  Glide : Pitch Bender : already available :-) Do not forget to set to 24 as described above !

-  Slide : Link to Omnisphere User CC with the initial value (CC74 )

-  Press : AfterTouch : already available :-)

-  Touch Fader #1 : reconfigure in Roli DashBoard to CC1 : Modulation Wheel to be avialable as Wheel in Omnisphere. Omnisphere factory songs all all based on 1D modulation using Wheel

-  Touch Fader #2 : reconfigure in Roli DashBoard to CC2 : Breath Controller

-  Touch Fader #3 : reconfigure in Roli DashBoard to CC2 : Foot Controller

-  Sustain Pedal : already available :-)


The last controllers are mapped using MIDI CC learn:

-  Pad X/Y : Keep CC113/CC14 in ROLI DashBoard and Associate with Omnisphere ORB X/Y. 

=> This is hard to to because :

  - you need to select "Switch to Radius" to configure X and Y. 

  - As CC113 is always send first before CC1114, you will need an external controller to send CC114 for association.

You also have to configure omnisphere to remember these settings in the future. Go to the utility menu / Midi learn and automation / and select "Ignore assignments when loading multi". Then these assignments will not be removed in the future.


Now, to work with this setup, you can select a factory song.

Factory patches are only set to be modulated by one controller : Wheel, associated in this setup to Touch Fader 1, as it would be with a traditional keyboard. 

To check it, select a part, a layer, and go the modulation section. Then you can change the source to route it to any controller previously mapped : Slide, Touch Faders, etc... 


You can also add new controllers. Equator provides sounds configured "on the box" for the Seaboard, but Omnishpere does not. You can easily route Omnishere sources to Seaboard controllers, but you will not get sounds set up for the Rise for the Press and Slide controllers. 


To get closer, you will need to make some work with Omnishpere, associating them to Cutoff, Harmonia Mix or other targets you find interesting. Some are already mapped as this with the Wheel controller.


When you successfully created a song in part 1,  use the utility menu to clone part 1, and then swith to the profile MC_Omnisphere. Now you can play MPE with Omnisphere :-)


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Thank you, Benoit! 

how do you reconfigure the fader 1 to cc1 in dashboard ????

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