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Any drum packs for DAWs compatible with lightblock?

I love using lightblock in the noise app for drums (especially the cool stuff you can do whilst when you hold and drag and all that 5D MPE business).

I can trigger my standard Logic Pro X drum banks with the lightpad but are there any software instruments or packs that are more suited for the multi-faceted use of the lightpad?

A NOISE plugin for the DAW would obviously solve this problem but... it seems like that doesn't exist for some reason. 

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Hi Nicholas, 

While there aren't yet dedicated desktop apps/plugins for drums that make full use of the Lightpad's 5 dimensions of touch, you may certainly export your NOISE creations and use them in Logic or other DAWs, or if you'd like to record longer performances you may perform in NOISE and simultaneously record its output using Logic. (See this post, for example.) 

We're also interested in maximizing the Lightpad's expressiveness on desktop, so please stay tuned.



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