New Equator sounds for RISE/GRAND/Equator Full creators

Good news: the Colours of India soundpack by AR Rahman's KMMC includes several sounds made with Equator, and these sounds are now available for creators with the full version of Equator. You may download them on your My ROLI page ( The sounds are:

  • Bansuri Flute
  • Jaltarang
  • Nadaswaram
  • Veena

(Note: the drum kits included in the NOISE soundpack are not available for Equator, as they do not use the Equator sound engine.)

Additionally, all creators with the full version of Equator now have access to the BLOCKS Extended Library, also accessible from My ROLI. 


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Once you've downloaded and installed these sounds, you may find them in Equator's Preset Browser by setting "Location" to "Local," "Instrument" to "All," and ensuring that no other tags are selected. You may then use the search bar to search for these presets:


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Has anyone else found that the new four sounds seem very quiet  compared to others?

Is there something that needs tweeking in the equator?

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"I've installed and repaired and I still don't have the sound Jaltarang. Running Equator 1.11.2  on Windows 7. The other 3 sounds are there and sound fine"

Kevin, you've probably resolved this by now, but just in case: I've just had the same experience, and the fix for me was, in the full view of the patch browser, in the left hand column, under "devices," make sure that "Blocks" is selected (along with Rise and Seaboard, in my case.) It seems that the Jaltarang patch is tagged only as a Blocks patch, whereas the other 3 Colors Of India patches showed up for me without Blocks being selected.

ah! ... ok .. thanks!

Yes ... its a Grand

Hi, with the Equator (full version) do I get all the sounds in the Colours of India Soundpack found in the Noise app purchase, or am I limited to the 4 instruments mentioned above (Bansuri Flute, Jaltarang, Nadaswaram, Veena)? 

If it is only the 4 mentioned above, how do I get the full Colours of India soundpack on my Equator?

Thank you

Hi Guillermo,

Good question – the percussion sounds in the "Colours of India" NOISE soundpack use a different sound engine than Equator, so the percussion sounds are not available in Equator. Bansuri Flute, Jaltarang, Nadaswaram, and Veena are the sounds available in Equator.


Friendly greetings Red!

Thanks for sharing this good news and such easy-to-follow animated GIFs. Great visual communication. These sounds are a treat and quite expressive! I remember seeing AR Rahman perform on the Continuum some time ago, a path which eventually led me to the Seaboard.

I am curious though, other RISE soundpacks can come installed in their own playlists, so why aren't these pre-packaged as well?

I've installed and repaired and I still don't have the sound Jaltarang. Running Equator 1.11.2  on Windows 7. The other 3 sounds are there and sound fine

Do you see the preset file in this location? 

  • C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\ROLI\Equator\Downloaded Library

If so, are all filters in Equator off? If you continue having trouble finding it in Equator can you share a screenshot of Equator's Preset Browser as you're attempting to find it?

Thanks for the new sounds.  Always wish for more so please continue to support us in Equator here and there. Appreciate it!

ok. so where is the equator download page?

I cannot find it anymore. I got a message by email it is upgraded but cannot find it. 

I can't seem to find a playlist menu in Equator Windows version Where can I find playlists?


Hi Tom,

You'll need to be in Equator's Full view to access the Playlists section. First make sure that you've authorized Equator Full or the Equator Full upgrade in My ROLI. You may need to log out of Equator via Equator's menu and then log back in for this authorization to take effect. Then click the "Full" button, access the Preset Browser, and finally click the "Playlists" icon in the upper right to toggle the Playlists display. (Note in this example that I've created a "Colours of India" playlist.)



I've tried using the new sounds, but I can't seem to be able to authorize Equator Full on the MyROLI page. Equator Full comes with the seaboard Block right, or do I have to pay extra?

Thanks a lot,


This came up in another thread: if you'd like to add the Colours of India presets to a playlist, simply follow these steps:


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