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Mapping multiple control blocks to one Lightpad

When I'm using the  Blocks in a Beatmaker Kit configuration,

I'd like to have one Lightpad Block show the loops, one Lightpad Block show the instrument view (like in the video) BUT have both Control Blocks assigned to the Lightpad Block that's set to the instrument view. I want to be able to start and stop recording (Loop Block) AND switch scales (Live Block) without going to my iPad.

Currently, when all the Blocks are attached to each other (as they are in the Beatmaker Kit, I lose some of the functions on one of the Control Blocks. You can even see in the video that 5 of the Live Block's buttons aren't lit. If attach the Live Block directly to the Lightpad showing the notes view, then I get all the functions. BUT, in order to do that, I have to take the Live Block out of the case. I'd like to keep them all in the case and still be able to the  full functionality of both Control Blocks.

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Yeah, better multi-block mapping/saving/loading would be nice.

You could slip a piece of paper in between the blocks to interrupt the connection

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