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Rotate Lightpad Block

Since us handful of Windows users are bound by requiring a USB plug... perhaps in the Blocks Dashboard we could rotate the Lightpad  positioning so when connecting multiple blocks (ahem, Songmaker Kit), we can have the USB plug not blocked by other Blocks?... 

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thoroughly good idea chap

100% this.

I have the Songmaker kit and I found that putting my Lightpad on the right hand side works as you can then plug in the Seaboard block which powers all the other blocks. If you did want to have your Lightpad on the left you just need to put it on top left and then the loop block goes beneath that.

I just purchased a 2nd Lightpad Block M to simulate a bass fretboard and reach 2 1/2 octaves with my Kontakt upright bass instrument.  Unfortunately, I can't rotate the new block to make the fretboard continuous, as the continuation is in the opposite corner.

Thanks for the suggestion Andrew- that's what I'm currently doing now. 

My problem is you need the Lightpad to be on the left to access the mode button, and I really want my transport controls for the loop block on the top..... :(

Of course, Bluetooth support for WIndows or Android would solve all this, right?....

BUMP!! Plz make this happen :)

This works when you’re connecting wirelessly from an iOS device. BUT I wonder if the same would work if you connected to the Seaboard first (since you can’t connect to a control block with a wire).
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