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Expanding the User Community

This feature is less about ROLI hardware or software and more about the company’s ecosystem, but it could still make sense (and it sounds like it’s coming).

How about broadening community involvement? One step could be in getting more forums in here, replacing the previous ones but making it possible to link between the two. But it could also imply some ROLI events which are less about the name recognition of some artists and more about playing music together or sharing our inspiration. Eventually, it could even get some input from the DIY movement, which is steadily growing in numbers, strength, and diversity.

Been growing quite fond of ROLI as a company. Got a blogpost in my mind that’s almost a “love letter” to Lamb’s team. But there has been so much focus on a few “success stories” by well-known artists with commercial releases that it can feel too hip to be truly inclusive. Expanding and deepening the user community could help solve that. And bring about some very fun approaches to musicking. (Yes, yes, there’s been a few DIY examples. But it’s still about “success”, not about community.)

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in order for an online community to thrive it also needs to be more relaxed, posts not appearing immediately stifles communication and stops people from engaging in the future *posted 17.42 BST*

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Great comments, Alex – thanks for sharing. We do want to increase engagement with and among ROLI creators, and these forums are partially in attempt to do just that. We'll be releasing another more general forum shortly.

@th3r3m1n: Thanks for your thoughts. We are still fine-tuning aspects of the forums and want them to invite communication in a helpful and engaging way. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Yeah, the waiting time is pretty disturbing, especially on weekends. I have posted two FR's on a Saturday, and when they appeared on  the following Monday they were already pushed back to page two, which felt off-putting.

What I find a bit weird, too, is that I can log in with my user name, but am visible with my clear name and a generic avatar. Can't find an option to change that. 

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