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Block Dashboard For IOS!

I use iOS apps almost exclusively at this point with my Seaboard Blocks and Lightpad Blocks.  A Dashboard for iOS would really help.

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There is an independent app called Block Dashboard which is very useful. Roli have not said if and when they might produce an official one for IOS but the demand is certainly there and I know that they know that, so we just live in hope!

I bought it but it doesn’t work with seaboard rise. I just think Roli doesn’t care about iOS stuff, they are releasing stuff for computers now. I will never will be able to play live with the seaboard cause they don’t release this iOS dashboard app so the experience working with an iPad is quite limited

Please, please, please Roli if you are listening,  make a simple dashboard app.

I hate to bang on a drum about this but I find it extremely disappointing that Roli has not created a basic dashboard application for iOS!  It renders the Seaboard Rise virtually useless with 3rd party synthesizers without the ability to adjust sensitivity.  

I stopped holding my breath that Roli would develop an Equator app for iOS, but I understand that the iOS model is maybe not as lucrative.  That said, it feels like a responsibility to provide basic support for their instruments especially on one of the major platforms.

The seaboard is such an expressive instrument and iOS is a large part of why we have MPE in the first place.  There are so many developers making innovative instruments that are MPE enabled and so well suited for the Seaboard Rise.  

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Ios dashboard is a must!!!! don't know why RolI hasn't already thought of that!!!!

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