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Block Dashboard For IOS!

I use iOS apps almost exclusively at this point with my Seaboard Blocks and Lightpad Blocks.  A Dashboard for iOS would really help.

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I came across your iOS app and I thought it was a scam haha. Sorry. Visuals were very simple but it worked for me (iPad Pro 10.5 and Roli Lightning Block). Now I can play Roli using Garageband. Thank you so much! May I know how to map the keys manually if that is possible? TIA. God bless

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HI does it work with seaboard 61 ?
Seaboard 61?

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Christophe's Blocks Dashboard only works with Seaboard Blocks & Lightblocks, so not Rise49 (or presumably Rise61 if Roli were to release it).

It's a game changer for me - being able to travel with an iPad and a Seaboard Block and use Noise + all the other ios apps is fantastic.

Don't understand why Roli didn't produce an ios dashboard themselves - massive credit to Christophe for taking the initiative.

you are right!!! it is rise49 and roli should release an Ios dashboard, so the app doesn't work with seaboard 49 , are you shure? it is a pity because many seaboard users are claiming it!!! thanks
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