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Block Dashboard For IOS!

I use iOS apps almost exclusively at this point with my Seaboard Blocks and Lightpad Blocks.  A Dashboard for iOS would really help.

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I like Jon Diercks’ suggestion: just allow us to modify the internal settings (eg for seaboard block) via the noise app. At the bare minimum, adding a simple button on the Noise app panel where we can already adjust the 5d parameters, allowing us to store the 5d settings on the device, would be a tremendous improvement. The seaboard block in particular has the potential to be the ultimate IOS keyboard controller for those who care about an expressive playing surface. But frankly, it remains far from that without iOS based control over the 5d settings when using third party synths.
I know this is a temporary workaround, and not a real solution as suggested here, but you can get much of this functionality now using Audiobus3, which offers MIDI routing. I have found that once I add the ROLI Block in AudioBus, it is recognizable by other apps even without doing the routing through AudioBus.

Mobile setups use IOS primarily not laptops. Further there are far more musicians with Tablets and Phones that use music apps than OSX at this point. While I do own a OSX based Studio I also have a Mobile Studio. My mobile studio has Roli Blocks. We all require the Dashboard app on IOS. If you did this then so many musicians would not be returning the items and be so frustrated. Please convert the Dashboard Code base to IOS. After spending 2 decades in my Studio I want to get out and truly go mobile. The current generation of iPad apps and the power of newer iPads can deliver this creativity and produce fantastic tracks. Please make this happen.

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DASHBOARD for IOS should be standard. This is absolutely critical to the success of the Blocks on IOS.

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Just chiming in:  yes, I would love to be able to use (and recommend) the seaboard block with iOS.  There's only so much you can do with Noise.  Otherwise, it's hard to recommend the $300 S/B controller over say a mini from Akai or Korg.

Demo iOS blocks dashboard with an iPad - in that "it just works with all your other apps" -  and you can probably eat Teenage Engineering's lunch (vs those OP-* mobile things)

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Yes! PLEASE make more iOS / mobile-ready features, including an iOS or Web-App version of the Dashboard. I exclusively use my iPad for everything (don’t even own a computer anymore) and would love to see ROLI take full advantage of what can be created solely on mobile.
Hi, Is there any update if the block dashboard is coming to IOS? Even just a block set up option would really be appreciated so we don't have to go between iPad/iPhone to Mac to set them up. Thanks .

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Yes, any update? The Seaboard Block has so much potential not just as a wonderful MPE controller, but as an all purpose portable iOS midi keyboard. For that we need to be able to set it up for single channel, and to piano mode within iOS itself. It’s not as much of an issue for people who have a laptop/desktop where they make their iOS music. But many of us don’t - not just when we are on the go, but some of us use iOS only at home.

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Yes please really like to have the dashboard in IOS, Got the songmaker kit yesterday and love how it works on my Mac the integration with Logic is really nice but as soon as I go to an IOS device it just feels so limited the noise app is ok but it's limited. 

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Yes please. I really would like to get rid of a PC in my set-up. I have a all-hardware rig and need computer assistance only for configuring devices like the Roli. Might as well be as stealth as possible. I'm sick of Windows and won't buy a mac just for some configuration softs.

Disappointed that there isnt an ios dashboard. This is a crazy limitation on an idea that has so much potential. Noise is fine for what it is but its pretty basic at this point in its life cycle. Being able to utilize and adpt the songmaker kit across all ios apps would be a huge step forward.

It's become near to useless without dashboard for IOS. Just got songmaker kit and disappointed that it's not possible to change like example to single channel mode from ipad to play with instruments that not support mpe ( guitars in garageband like example).

Dashboard for IOS is absolutely needed!!

Dashboard for iOS is needed. Being able to adapt the Seaboard Block and blocks to instruments on iOS would make it such a better controller. The whole idea of a portable mobile keyboard is the freedom to create. Not having Dashboard available on iOS doesn't fit the "creator" philosophy of Roli. Please let us know if there are plans to make dashboard available on iOS, and when. Thanks

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+1 for a proper dashboard for IOS. It is something that is long overdue - come on Roli!

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I often use my Lightpad on PC with Melodics, then take it with me on the go to make music with my iPhone. So many times I have taken my Lightpad out only to find it stuck in the Melodics app mode and can only use it with Noise until I reconnect to PC/Roli Dashboard to change it to Drum Block etc. So frustrating. 

If a stand-alone Dashboard cannot be released for iOS, at least allow us more control via Noise and the ability to change Blocks Apps via Noise or simply hitting the mode button on the block.... 

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