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Sample support in Equator

I'd like to start using my seaboard and equator for sound design, but would require the ability to custom import my own samples.

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It is really frustrating over nearly a year now, last reply via Facebook was like "stay tuned for updates".

No content updates, no feature updates....Equator could do so much more, and feels like unfinished "try out 5D Dimension showroom software" for so long now. (...luckily dont need it anymore because of falcon...).
Also Equator was not cheap (for seaboard owners a bit cheaper...), but for this price i can get much better solutions concerning MPE.

Sample Import is such a obvious thing...cmon Roli :(

I’m not really good in programming, but I’m looking for to get a sitar sample into equator. I got NI India where a sitar sample is. Is anyone able to support me? Your effort would be rewarded. Cheers, Patrick

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I'm looking for to get a sitar sample (from NI) into Equator but I guess, I'm not skilled enough doing it by myself. If anyone has got the interest to support me, I would appreciate. What's your price?

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You can see this video ... I think will support you.

Patrick - Do you have samples such as wav or aiff? If so it is easy. I don't know what NI India is but if it is not individual samples for notes then you can't do it.

Oops! Ruben Dax demoed how it can be done and now that video disappeared?

Can u make the video public?

Hi, you can simply record the sample from NI and then use it in equator.
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