If you're having trouble connecting via Bluetooth to the LUMI app using your LUMI Keys, there are a few things you can try to resolve this. For the relevant steps to your device, please look in the iOS or Android sections below.

Connecting via Bluetooth must be done via the LUMI app. Connecting via your device's Bluetooth settings will not work, as LUMI Keys is a MIDI device.


If the app is not responding, you can quit and relaunch the app to try and resolve the issue. 

To quit the app, open the App Switcher, swipe up on the app, then go to the Home Screen and tap the LUMI app to reopen it. 


If you have an Android device, we have prepared some additional steps below which should help fix the issue.

Restart your Android device

We’ve found that Bluetooth connection issues can often be resolved by simply resetting your Android device. 

1. Reset your device

2. Reopen the LUMI app and connect to LUMI Keys via Bluetooth.

Reset Location Services & toggle Bluetooth on/off

Resetting location services can often resolve Bluetooth connection issues. Don’t worry — we’re not using the LUMI app to track you! But location permissions are required for any Android app which uses Bluetooth. This is because Bluetooth can be used by Bluetooth-compatible hardware to identify the location of your Android device.

1. Go to the Android Settings app.

2. Search “Location” to find Location Services options.

3. Turn Location Services off and back on again, then open the LUMI app and try connecting to your LUMI Keys.

4. If you still can’t connect, turn Bluetooth services off and back on in Android settings and try again.

iOS & Android

Update your LUMI Keys' firmware using a desktop computer

Performing a firmware update can usually fix the majority of issues. If relaunching the app does not work, please update your LUMI Keys' firmware by following the method below.

1. From your computer, download ROLI Connect - the central hub for all ROLI software.

*If you haven't registered your LUMI Keys to your account yet, please follow the steps in this guide: What is ROLI Connect?*

2. Open ROLI Connect and download ROLI Dashboard.

3. Open ROLI Dashboard and connect your LUMI Keys via your included USB-C cable

4. Click Updates. ROLI Dashboard will alert you if there is a firmware update available for your LUMI Keys. Just click the button to install the update.

5. Disconnect your LUMI Keys from your desktop computer, launch the LUMI app from your device and try to connect.