What is ROLI Connect?


ROLI Connect is the cloud-based, always-running application that connects your ROLI hardware and software. It facilitates smooth and simple on-boarding, synching between ROLI products, device and user registration, and other functions for managing your products in ROLI’s hardware-software ecosystem. 


ROLI Connect is the gateway for downloading ROLI Studio Player - the application for accessing all ROLI sounds and effects, all in one place.

Downloading and launching ROLI Connect 

ROLI Connect is available to download here for Mac (macOS 10.13+) and Windows 10. Once the download has completed, double-click the file to launch the installer. 

Follow the instructions on screen to install ROLI Connect (these will differ between Mac and Windows). Once the installation is complete, ROLI Connect will launch automatically. If it isn't already, ROLI Connect will need to run with Administrator privileges to ensure everything is installed successfully.

Once launched, ROLI Connect will stay open but the application icon will be hidden from your Dock or Taskbar. It can be launched again easily by clicking the icon in the menu bar (Mac) or from the System Tray in the Taskbar (Windows). 

Some Windows users may need to click the small ^ to reveal the icon, as shown below.




Signing in

If you already have a ROLI account, click “Sign In” and enter your details on the following screen. If you don’t yet have an account, you can click “Sign up here” from the Sign In screen to create an account.

Registering your Device  

Once you’ve logged in, you'll be presented with the Set Up screen. If you haven't yet registered your ROLI device, head to the Devices tab and click "Register" to register your device to your account.


Once you've registered your device, the Apps screen will display all of the available software products in your account that can be downloaded and installed. The icon next to each product will change, depending on which products you’ve already installed, and which you’re yet to download and install.

If you are yet to install any software, ROLI Connect should look something like this, where everything is ready to install:

Downloading ROLI Studio Player 

To download and install ROLI Studio Player, click the “Install” button. The download will begin, and an icon will be displayed indicating the progress of the download:

Installing ROLI Studio Player

Once the download has completed, the installer will launch automatically. The installation may require your system password to complete:

If you’re not prompted to enter your password, please take a look at the Troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page.

Once you’ve confirmed your password, return to ROLI Connect to launch ROLI Studio Player by clicking "Open":

ROLI Studio Player should then authorise automatically, displaying the ROLI Studio Player interface:

Authorising ROLI Studio Player 

So long as ROLI Connect is running in the menu bar (Mac) or Taskbar (Windows), and you’re logged in, ROLI Studio Player will be authorised automatically when it’s first launched.





ROLI Hardware Driver is not running

If you see an error stating the hardware driver is not running, follow the steps in this article: "Unable to start ROLI Hardware Driver" error.

'Install Failed' error message

If your software fails to install, try signing out of ROLI Connect, restarting your computer, signing back into Connect and installing again which should resolve the issue. 

Connect appears transparent

If Connect appears incorrectly, looking transparent or see-through, first check that Connect is updated to the latest version (head to to get the latest) and then follow the recommended steps in this article: ROLI Connect appears transparent.

ROLI Studio Player installer fails to launch

If the ROLI Studio Player installer fails to launch, check to see that the download has been completed. If the download fails to complete, you can try cancelling it by clicking the progress icon. Restarting the download should allow the installer to launch successfully, but if this is not the case, please quit and restart Connect, which should resolve the issue.

I can’t gain access to ROLI Studio Player

If ROLI Connect is not running, or you’re not logged in to a ROLI account that contains a ROLI Studio Player licence, the following screen will appear: 

If you see this screen, make sure you’ve opened and logged in to ROLI Connect with the correct account, then click the “Retry” button in ROLI Studio Player.