Strobe2 & Cypher2 Public Beta v2.6.1.7 released

We're pleased to announce a public beta update for Strobe2 and Cypher2, v2.6.1.7, that introduces the following fixes/changes:

  • Transmod depth is lost if parameter is adjusted past max value
  • ROLI soundpack presets are not displayed in Strobe2/Cypher2 browser
  • Mod+/Breath+/Expr+ transmod sources are broken
  • Notes do not always trigger when using ramps and unison > 1
  • Player users are auto-prompted to upgrade through LM
  • Unison 2 transmod selects both unipolar and bipolar options
  • 5D Vocal presets have incorrect prefix (VC instead of VO)
  • Volume spike when adjusting Ring Mod 'Mode' whilst modulating 'Drive'
  • Transmod corruption when adjusting parameter at midpoint of X-Fade
  • Graphical artefact in scope Cypher2 logo

As this is a public beta update, we appreciate any feedback regarding this update. Should you encounter any issues with this update, please reach out to our support team, to ensure this is passed on to the developers

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