BFD 3.3 Released

New features include:

  • New global macro controls that let you be more creative with percussive sound design. Add motion and climactic moments to songs by setting effects parameters. Evolve the mix of each individual kick and hit across your track.

  • Over 200 rock and pop grooves, meticulously recorded by our in-house drummers for an authentic sound. Drag a groove-palette to your drum track to start your song with our fantastic preloaded grooves and fills.

  • 10 new presets complete with sound design macros to add a new flavour to your tracks.

To install, log in to your FXpansion account and head to Product Downloads. Under BFD3 click 'View All Available Downloads' and download v3.3.0.43 for your platform.  

Please be aware that Windows 10 or OSX 10.11 are now the minimum operating system versions required for this update.

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Hi all, 

v3.3.0.44 is now available to download, and fixes an authorisation issue that affected some installations on Windows 10. This is the only change from  v3.3.0.43.