Cypher2 released

We are pleased to announce Cypher2, the new premium software synthesizer from ROLI and FXpansion.

Cypher2 is designed for deep sonic exploration and expressive performances. It features a vast range of sound design tools and over 1300 sounds, including 500 MPE-optimized presets.

If you own ROLI hardware, you can take advantage of a discounted upgrade by heading to your My ROLI account – upgrades are $79 for the first month, and then $99 henceforth. Alternatively, if you previously purchased a DCAM Synth Squad or Strobe2 license from FXpansion, you can also upgrade for the same price.

To find out more, including new features, audio demos and FAQ, head to, and to discuss Cypher2 visit the Cypher2 forum.

For an overview tutorial and demonstrations of presets with the ROLI Songmaker Kit and Seaboard RISE, check out these videos:

Hello, the fxpansion site does not seem to be available. I tried from several PCs/Macs with no success. could you please help ? thanks, Philippe

Hey Philippe, thanks for letting us know. It seems to be working fine here. Can you please share a screenshot of the URL and the message you're receiving?

working ok now, thanks ! 

Still getting an error trying to purchase Cypher 2. Tried on 3 browsers (all up to date) but no luck. How am I supposed to buy this!?

Thanks for describing this behavior.

If you don't yet have an FXpansion account and are attempting to receive the Cypher2 discount from My ROLI, please:

  • First, create an FXpansion account at
  • Next, follow the link in your My ROLI page to access the discount
  • On the checkout page, log in with your FXpansion account details rather than creating a new account

This should allow you to successfully purchase Cypher2. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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