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Make the new Seaboard all Lighpad

I was seeing an add for a keyboard that uses lights on each of the keys to highlight things like Notes that are in The scale being played. This got me thinking: “Would be pretty nice if the Seaboard was made of a “transparent” rubber with LEDs that light up differently depending on the key you are playing in.” If ROLI finds a way to make a “whole lightpad seabord” we could basically have a keyboard that can even realign keys or display anything on the seaboard itself. And once plugin developers start to tinker with that, all sorts of virtual instruments would be created to be displayed/played on this device. Imagine a blow-instrument which you play with your right hand while the left side of the keyboard converts into an interface to control breathing. And if both hand are to be played, the control interface can be assigned to a different block or seaboard. This could basically make the seaboard and lightpad interchangeable, just different in size. Though one might have to be kept better suited for a keyboard play? What do you think?

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