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Blocks support for bitwig 3.1

I have a seaboard block as well as two lightpad blocks. I’m currently using bitwig 3.1. (In version 2.x everything worked as expected.) In version 3 the seaboard block works as expected. The only options in the controller scripts are seaboard rise or seaboard grand. The roli connect plugin works great for getting roli sounds in bitwig without have to grab an iPad. I have had one problem with roli connect and t the lightpads,losing connection in some way and all of the lights dropping out completely(this happens when the vst window is closed.). Bitwig is an amazing modular environment with expression controls, I would really like to use it to it’s full potential with these incredible pieces of hardware. The xyz doesn’t work as expected, the grid launcher is only Ableton compatible . A step sequencer expandable across multiple lightpads would be cool. The note grid expandable across multiple blocks would also be really cool. An iOS dashboard app would be really really cool!!! Here is a thread on bitwig’s support forum echoing my frustrations . This guy seems to be the expert on bitwig control scripts, Thanks for your time.
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