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Phone / Tablet apps that are "Pro" and actually useful

This is really about iPadOS / iOS but as we know the Android community want some attention also.  As far as laptops running Windows/MacOS are concerned, that is fine the way it is, *especially* with Equator, Cypher, and BITWIG OMG.

However, many of us operate in the tablet/phone world, especially for live performance BUT as we head into the future the full blown desktop is dying fast.

So here's a list of "complaints/suggestions/requests/rants"

A---For starters, keeping the ROLI community tied into a "consumer" app environment is weak but whatever... we get it. You wanted to try and sell EZ sound packs to consumers instead of cater to professionals who actually buy and use your equipment.

B---Limiting ONE app to Auv3/inter-app-audio was also a poor showing. Seaboard 5D is a dumbed down version of Equator, why not FINISH EQUATOR for Auv3? At least make an announcement that it's your intent to do so?

C---The SWAM sounds I paid extra for in NOISE and then discover AFTER THE FACT that they don't run in Auv3 mode. Lame. 

DDD--- The only real request: Let the community know what your roadmap for the future is. Clearly you MUST be recoding these apps for iOS14 because they will ALL BREAK when that update comes.

But seriously, EQUATOR Auv3

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