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Divide Pressure into 2 zones

On my normal synths and controller I use Aftertouch a lot. But only to do specific things. The Seaboard now only sends aftertouch, which when used on normal synths isn't really useful. For wind instruments or strings, it us useful to have the volume on the depth of the keys. Common use with wind is CC2, but usefull could be CC7 or CC11 as well.

I would like to see an option to split the pressure into 2 "zones". The upper zone, from key on down, to set as a controller value (2, 7, 11 for example) and a bottom zone to activate the real aftertouch. 

To make it work currently, I need to route the output through a translator first which converts the AT to CC as I don't want (or can in some preset synth) change every patch as it would not be useable to play on the keys of the synth itself anymore.

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