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Live Block iOS Compatibility

Hi All,

Not sure if anyone can help here.

I have the Roli Songmaker Kit. I bought the Live Block to allow me to easily switch to Smart Chords, Arpeggios or normal mode.

I am using my Roli Seaboard, Lightpad and Roli Live via Blutooth, connected to my iPad Pro 2018. I don't have access to a PC or Mac.

I have got the Seaboard and Lightpad working in Garageband and Cubasis 3 for iOS. I am unable to get the Live Block to activate Smart Chords or Arpeggios in Garageband or Cubasis 3. I appreciate this may be specific to the Noise app.

I have tried using the Noise iOS app within Garageband and Cubasis 3 as a plugin, but still the Live Block doesn't activate Smart Chords or Arpeggios.

I have tried using the Noise app as a standalone app and the Live Block works as expected, so know that the block itself is functioning.

Does anyone know if this is normal behavior, or is there a setting I need to enable somewhere for Live Block to be supported in Garageband, Cubasis 3, or when using the Noise app as a plugin.



Oh boy, I just ordered mine and if what you say isn't a mistake I'll be returning it. How is it possible that a product that has been in the market for 3 years now is still in beta? Please, someone from Roli can you tell us how to change scales and modes while using AUv3? I read that there's a dashboard app that allows you to change modes in the lightpads, but incredibly enough it doesn't exist for iOS.

Im still having this problem and no reply from roli. I ordered mine in December 2019

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