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Roli Connect Offline Installation


I am aware that Studio Connect needs to be open to authorize Studio Player but can we install the program without downloading it on every PC?

I have an almost offline PC (just the tethering from a phone to auth plugins and do little stuff) so downloading 1Gb of data it's impossible.

I have extracted the file "studioplayer-1.0.0.rpkg" from the online machine and I'm  on WIN10, how do I install it without redownloading it?

Should I put it in some specific directory to let studio connect understand that the file is already downloaded?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Mauro, to my understanding the RSP installation can only occur if the download has completed on the same machine. However, I'll reach out to the team to see if it's possible to complete an offline installation.

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Thanks Lawrence,

yes would be amazing having an option to install it offline, I think there are a lot of people interested too!


Hi Mauro,

I'd recommend creating a new support ticket, so that we can share some steps with you that may allow you to install ROLI Studio Player locally. Please be aware that ROLI Studio Player will still require an internet connection to authorise.

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