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Studio Drums - Individual/Multi-Outputs

I feel like this would be a *real* “studio” drums plugin if we could process the individual drum hits on their own. Especially when loaded as a Plugin inside other DAW’s. It should very well be possible to achieve this as Arturia’s drum synth SPARK 2 has the option in the vst preferences for “multi-out” which exposes each kit piece in its own audio track. As it stands I have no REAL control over mixing with these drums. Its a fun toy ON ITS OWN, for sure! BUT! Until there are deeper editing capabilities of the sounds and the ability to process each kit piece independently, it will still just be a desktop version of drums inside NOISE. Fun but not professionally usable outside of strictly using one of the kits to perform with nothing else in the mix, IMO. 

You’ve got something really great here but it is definitely held back. Would be nice to see a roadmap! I hope (I’m sure) something like this is planned and has been talked about amongst your team! Thanks

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agreed. definitely need individual outputs

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Would be nice to at least get a reply from the team about this. 

Hi Erik,

I'm absolutely in agreement with this request. Right now our team is focussed on delivering updates for Equator2 but as soon as we get a chance to look over RSP and RSD we will look into the feature!



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