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Future Seaboard surface material for someone like me with hyperhidrosis

I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I'm hoping for a new Seaboard/Keyboard surface material that allows me to be able to play it.  I have a condition called hyperhidrosis - my hands sweat, A LOT!   I make my living playing keyboards and composing music, and I wanted a ROLI from the first NAMM show you demoed the product.  The material used on the keyboard back then and now just won't allow my fingers so slide across the surface.   I've tried several times.

The good news is that I just bought two Lightpads and the material feels totally different than the Seaboards.   I'm actually able to slide my finger tips across the surface!  So  I just ordered two more Lightpads yesterday to use four of them in live rig. 

I'm hoping somewhere in the future that ROLI uses the Lightpad material or something similar on the Seaboards or future keyboards that would allow me to play this controller.  I've tried many MPE controllers, and the ROLI keys are the only ones I would buy at this time, if I was able to play them.

Thanks for letting me chime in and make a request.

Armen Chakmakian

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