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Cypher 2 - Let me automate the morph knob!

This is SUCH a cool feature! I realize that it's meant for performance, but I am not a performer. While I bought a ROLI seaboard block, I'm not much of a piano player. I "play" the laptop. I'm a mad scientist of automation. I automate so many different parameters but I can't automate the knob that controls one of the coolest and most unique features of the synth. 

As a workaround it was suggested I use MIDI note triggers and set the speed to "automate" the changes, and it is actually working pretty well for my purposes, but Ableton doesn't remember the changes to that parameter. Every time I open my session, Cypher 2 resets to changing presets by program change, and I have to pull down the drop down menu and change it to be affected by MIDI notes. It's very frustrating to hunt it down and change everytime I open the song. 

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