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Quadrature oscillator

Hello all! Cypher 2 has slowly become my favorite synth, as I'm using it more and more. I've gotten pretty decent with it simply by being an experienced soft synth user, but I recently decided to give the manual a read. I've found some VERY cool things that I didn't know were possible with Cypher, let alone ANY synth. One section stopped me in my tracks though, as I've decided I NEED to figure out how this works.

From the manual: "ﱅﰏﰉﰐﰔﰉﰗﰏﰔﰝﱅﰏﰉﰐﰔﰉﰗﰏﰔﰝ ﰶQuadrature LFO sources can be used for 'barber pole' style effects with multiple oscillators but can be used for time locked movement for all kinds of parameters. For example, try modulating FM amounts, waveform shapes, orc levels, wave folder gains, filter cutoffs, and effects parameters"

This sounds like SUCH a cool concept! But I have no practical idea of how to apply it. For example, the first thing I did was try and make 4 transmod items, each 90 degrees phase apart (LFO 1 Main, 90, 180, and 270), and I applied all of them to a single parameter, but all the LFO's combined to essentially cancel each other out and there was very little movement. Then I tried putting them on all different parameters, and it DID give me an interesting 1/4 note feel in that a different parameter would move every 1/4 note. While that IS a cool trick, it wasn't the barbershop pole idea that I'm fascinated by, and I'm not sure it's what was meant by the manual example either.

Could I get some extra detail on how this might work practically inside cypher 2? I tried googling a bit, and there was info WAAAAY over my head on how to actually build a Sheppard tone generator. ﰋﰍﰏﰔﰘﰝﰋ ﰘﰉﰊ ﰢﰝ ﰏﰋﰝﰐ ﰠﰍﰔ ﰳﰢﰉﰔﰢﰝﰔﰭﰈﰍﰖﰝﰳ ﰋﰗﰜﰖﰝ ﰝﰠﰠﰝﰘﰗﰋ ﰟﰌﰗﰚ ﰕﰏﰖﰗﰌﰈﰖﰝ ﰍﰋﰘﰌﰖﰖﰉﰗﰍﰔﰋ

LOVE Cypher 2! ﰢﰏﰗ ﰘﰉﰊ ﰢﰝ ﰏﰋﰝﰐ ﰠﰍﰔ ﰗﰌﰕﰝﰭﰖﰍﰘﰡﰝﰐ ﰕﰍﰞﰝﰕﰝﰊﰗ ﰠﰍﰔ ﰉﰖﰖ ﰡﰌﰊﰐﰋ ﰍﰠ ﰈﰉﰔﰉﰕﰝﰗﰝﰔﰋﰣ ﰆﰍﰔ ﰝﰤﰉﰕﰈﰖﰝﰥ ﰗﰔﰜ ﰕﰍﰐﰏﰖﰉﰗﰌﰊﰒ ﰆﰑ ﰉﰕﰍﰏﰊﰗﰋﰥ ﰟﰉﰞﰝﰠﰍﰔﰕ ﰋﰚﰉﰈﰝﰋﰥ ﰍﰋﰘ ﰖﰝﰞﰝﰖﰋﰥ ﰟﰉﰞﰝﰠﰍﰖﰐﰝﰔ ﰒﰉﰌﰊﰋﰥ ﰠﰌﰖﰗﰝﰔ ﰘﰏﰗﰍﰠﰠﰋ ﰉﰊﰐ ﰝﰠﰠﰝﰘﰗﰋ ﰈﰉﰔﰉﰕﰝﰗﰝﰔﰋﰣ

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