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Roli Studio Player - Smart Chords Improvements

Smart Chords is amazingly useful and powerful, but could be even more so if it gave the user the ability to define a chord progression, changing the root and scale for each note pressed, instead of locking us in to one key/scale, requiring mouse interaction to modify it. Instead of setting one fixed scale with different voicings/chord shapes applied across the keyboard, each chromatic interval on the keyboard should be configurable to access a user-defined key and scale, thereby enabling complex chord progressions by pressing one key after another... paired with the arpeggiator this would be incredibly powerful.

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Yeah, a lot could be done to make chords way smarter. There are some “music theory plugins” out there which can offer some inspiration and there are simple ways to do “chordsets”. Eventually, it could even integrate something “contextual” such as voice leading or “choosing a voicing based on what came before”. Another cool technique is “rotating chords” (intervals change in different cycles; an effect created by Robby Kilgore for Michael Brecker).

Lots of possibilities if they start exploring.

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