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Cypher 2 and Strobe2 Update Issues Logic Pro

Every time I open logic pro I'll receive a stupid update notification for my Fx Expansion plug-ins. I'll update the plug-ins and  doesn't do anything after it finishes. Then, I open cypher 2 and it pops up but when i play a key no sound comes out of the DAW. However,  the logic cypher plug-in shows that I am pressing the key but there's no sound coming out. Secondly, when I open strobe and try to play a key my logic pro totally crashes and the plug-in keyboard is all blue. I've tried restarting and shutting down my laptop but that doesn't do anything. I've tried deleting all my strobe and cypher files and redownloading but it doesn't do anything. I appreciate any help on what to do. BUT the separate applications from logic pro works perfectly. It's just like the logic pro plugins haven't updated as like the cypher 2 and strobe2 applications.

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