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Store different configs directly in Rise

 I would like to use the Rise to control multiple hardware synthesizers w. no computer in the loop.  Some gear is MPE aware, some support poly AT, some are mostly basic MIDI.  Even with the MPE synths, I use different channel ranges for each machine.

Currently, the only way I can change the Rise configuration is via swapping USB cables, power up the computer w. Dashboard (can't use Bluetooth unless I start a GoFundMe page for a new Mac), change the config, then swap cables again.

It would be great if I could use the < and > program change buttons to change Rise configurations.  I know there's no visual feedback (maybe you could pulse the power button n times to indicate which config is loading) and I'd probably be OK with only storing 6 to 8 different setups.

To do this, we'd need a change to be able to set up the Dashboard, save it to the Rise, change patch position on the Rise, set up a new config, store, etc.

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