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Mouse moving position when adjusting a parameter

When you adjust a parameter with the mouse, the pointer ends up way above or below the where you clicked on the parameter. This makes adjustment a pain because as you're adjusting up (or down) your pointer hits the edge of the screen, you then need to let go of the parameter move the pointer back and adjust it again. 

When you click on a parameter and adjust it the pointer should stay in the same position when you release the parameter. 

I use strobe and it doesn't seem to have this issue. I'm running both he latest versions of the synths (Cypher

Is anyone else having this issue? 

I'm running a Mac on 10.14.5


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I'm having a similar problem on Win10. When adjusting a knob the mouse cursor travel is too great and also, the knob stalls at about the half-way point (usually 50%; sometimes a bit more) and stops moving along with mouse movement. When the knob is then returned to 0 and I try again it usually works okay. I suspect the intention was to imitate a knob 'detent', but if so, it's not working properly.

Totally, yes! 

And there are definitely ways to change this behaviour. I just looked at NI Massive X, and here the mouse cursor disappears when you drag over a knob, and returns is the same spot when you release. Very elegant solution.

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