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Request: Smoothing setting in Block Apps

For instance: When I use the Lightpad M Block as an XY midi controller with Spitfire Audio Strings to control Dynamics and Expression. Basically, X is an intensity and Y is a volume. CC1 and CC11.

Problem: the XY pad is very sensitive when moving your finger but you have to press or tap relatively hard to get a sound (low velocity) compared to say an MPC drum pad or some other XY pad. There is also the texture of the M version of the Lightpad block. With this combo above, it is easy to get a jumpy, unintended jagged line when trying to make small movements for something like a delicate string pad. It sounds unnatural. 

Resolution: Add an easing effect to smooth it out in app customization (is this a response curve?). Imagine drawing a fast backwards "Z"shape on the XY (or XYZ) pad and the smoothing would make it an S shape (visually this kind of happens now but not audibly or actually to the CC info). Also, make it so I can control how much I move my finger before a change occurs (sensitivity).  So when you edit the app in Dashboard, there would be X, Y, Z, midi channel, smoothing, and sensitivity (not to be confused with velocity) settings .

In conclusion: I think this would work great for faders apps as well. Nice smoothed out movements.  Using real faders is much easier to get precise results which in most cases it is desired to get smooth results. I think smoothing would allow you to get these same results and be useful for most apps with these types of movements that Faders and XY pads use.

Thanks for your support and considering this request.

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