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Roli as a controller for organs?

Anyone use one for live performances? I have never used on but would like to know how Roli triggers the keys. For example a Hammond B3 has 9 trigger points on each key (correlating to the 9 drawbars), the Hammond X5 clone has 5 most other clones have 2 trigger points. The weighting and trigger point height is important as a significant part of playing style. I am looking at minimizing my rig for jam sessions ie a controller plus iPad. These guys play rock but in addition to organ I would play horns, stings and blues harp. I just watched the demo of the Lightpad and Swam. I understand that they are developing the SWAM apps for IOS. Would the Roli block work for this or better to pickup a tonewheel clone Mojo 61/Legend Solo/Sk1 and use the Lightpad for expressiveness? Presently I have just started using an Apple camera connector with IPad Air 3 and Roland Fantom X6.

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