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Does Cypher 2 work in GarageBand?

I can use the player version no problem as a virtual instrument but I read the full version doesn’t work due to ‘sandboxing’? Is this true? If so, will ROLI studio player let me use the full range of Cypher 2 presets in GarageBand?

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Hi there,

We're working to support all Equator, Strobe2 and Cypher2 presets in ROLI Studio Player in a future update, which will allow them to be used in Garageband. Unfortunately due to the sandboxing restrictions in Garageband, it is not currently possible to use the full version of Cypher2 as a plugin within Garageband, which is something we're also aiming to address in a future Cypher2 update.

There ain't there any update yet it seems.
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